About Us

Kervan Triko

In 1977, started manufacturing knitwear in Istanbul as a family company. In the 40 years since its establishment, it has managed to become one of the leading manufacturers of knitwear sector with its expert and experienced staff and dynamic structure. It produces 2,500,000 knitwear every year at its integrated plant in Istanbul, which has a closed area of 3,500 m2 and uses the latest technological production systems in order to provide its customers with world-class products. Its primary goal is to respond flexibly and quickly to its customers through its visionary and innovative structure, human and environmental awareness, in-house and subcontracting activities.


Kervan knitwear Offers 50 new knitwear models and collections of its own design to many famous brands in the world, following the fashion trends of the day closely in line with customer requests and demands. Exports to Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other leading countries of European science continue and are among the 500 largest export companies in Turkey.

With the same quality and service approach, Kervan knitwear continues its combing production and aims to increase its annual combing production capacity to 1,000,000 units.

Quality Policy

It is the quality policy of our company to increase Sunday share and competitive power by producing products that will respond to our customers ' expectations and needs in time by adapting to the technological conditions developing in knitwear sector and continuously in reliable quality in the most economical conditions.

  • It provides the necessary financial and human resources in order to ensure the planned and systematic realization of the activities required by the Quality Management System.
  • It ensures the health, safety, present and future of the employees, increasing their education and individual development and raising quality awareness.
  • It ensures that the quality policy is understood and implemented by all employees, especially senior management, and that the effectiveness of the quality system is improved.
  • It creates and maintains an internal environment where full participation is needed to achieve the objectives.
  • Comply with the working hours determined by the law, apply overtime without exceeding the legal limits where necessary, take into account the rest periods between working hours.
  • In the production process, the quality of the desired quality is made right at the first time, and the concept of perfection is created in the awareness of its responsibility to society, the environment and the law.

As Kervan knitwear management, we undertake to comply with Quality Management System Requirements based on customer satisfaction and to continuously improve its effectiveness.