Environmental policy

In order to protect and protect our environment, it is to comply with all environmental laws and regulations, to control environmental effects, to reduce these effects, to improve our environmental performance continuously and to leave a livable clean environment for future generations by carrying out all product production activities of this awareness with "Operational Business Excellence". Activities to carry out our policy as Kervan Triko Products Industry and Foreign Trade Inc.

1. To provide continuous development and improvement by providing all legal generalities and customer requirements related to environmental aspects.

2. To ensure the protection of natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials, using the least harmful technologies to the environment within the framework of technical and economic possibilities.

3. Consider environmental impacts in plant and process design.

4. To improve our environmental management system to continuously improve our environmental performance.

5. To ensure that all our work, our suppliers and the people of the environment are involved in our responsibilities to the environment.

6. To be in constant communication with suppliers and customers in order to improve the environmental effects of the product.

7. To evaluate the alternatives of recycling and re-evaluation by reducing waste that may occur as a result of production transportation, stocking, operation, treatment and maintenance activities.

8. To create health safety and environmental integrity by reducing the emergency risks that may occur within the framework of occupational health and safety rules.